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OnTECH Charter High School is a free public school (open to students from Syracuse and all surrounding districts) that combines career and technical education with project-based learning. Our innovative educational program includes English and math skills delivered through a curriculum focused on vitally important and growing local sectors, including agribusiness, environmental sciences, and new energy sources. As important, we are wholly dedicated to fostering a caring, supportive, and accepting school environment that appreciates WHO you are and finds the genius in EVERYONE! If you're an unconventional student, apply today!

What Makes OnTECH Different


Hands-on Learning

OnTech’s hands-on education lets students learn through REAL experience. A hands-on education benefits all types of learners and gives them a competitive edge when applying to college and/or jobs. Students can safely make mistakes without feeling embarrassed or anxious. Instead, they learn to problem-solve, use teamwork, and think creatively. 


Small Class Sizes & Individualized Education Plans

The small class sizes at OnTech give students more one-on-one time with teachers while helping students build deeper connections with peers. Smaller class size also decreases distractions for students and helps them feel heard and noticed. OnTech also works with parents and teachers to design individualized education plans for students that have difficulty learning. An individualized education plan helps students succeed in school and reduces daily frustrations for them in class. 


Path to Tech Careers in Agriscience and Animal Behavior

Careers in technology are on the rise and continue to be in high demand locally and nationwide. OnTech offers students an education tailored to interests in technical fields relating to environmental sciences, animal behavior, agriculture, agribusiness, new energy sources, and more.

Caring Community / Student-Centered Social Design

OnTech is home to a positive, supportive community of students, staff, and educators who welcome everyone from all backgrounds and learning styles. This support gives students a sense of belonging and promotes participation at school. OnTech iterates to respond to the interests and needs of the students to create a school in which students have a say in how they learn. This sense of agency makes learning more meaningful. From deciding on the dress code to choosing the school mascot, together we design a school that the students can call their own.


Technology-Rich Instruction

At OnTech students learn how to use the technology necessary to reinforce learning, spark students’ interests and to succeed in college and the workplace. Each student receives their own laptops to use and eventually take home upon graduation.

Get Jobs & Explore Careers

OnTech pairs students with local employers to get jobs to help them make money while getting life skills to help them to be successful in the workplace. OnTech strives to prepare students for college and careers by providing opportunities focused on finding one’s passions. Career exploration is conducted through virtual learning, site visits, volunteer opportunities, internships, and more. 


Unconventional Students Welcome!

At OnTech we acknowledge that not everyone learns the same way or has the same perspective, that is why we designed our school to serve different learning styles, to celebrate unique students and help them find their inner genius. An OnTech education yields more than job or college-ready students. OnTECH students gain the social and emotional toolkit to become individuals who are comfortable with themselves, confident in their abilities and ready to give back to the community.


NYS Diploma, Free Tuition, Free Transportation & More!

OnTech is a free Charter school. Transportation, hearty and nutritional meals, learning materials, and more are at no cost. Students who graduate from OnTech leave with NYS Diplomas.

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